Fade In…

This blog is a running diary about the stories I write, stories in general, characters, settings, dialog…and me, I suppose. I’ve learned a lot about myself through writing, and I’m sure behind my desire to create what I experience in my mind’s universe, there is someone seeking to learn who they are now, throughout their lifetime – and maybe one day soon, their shelf-lifetime.

I welcome any and all to share in the discussion of creating worlds and storytelling, and to download any of my work for their enjoyment. Feedback would be fantastic, too. Also, from time to time I intend to openly ponder ideas involved in my creation of stories, characters and the tricks and techniques of storytelling and would love to hear from others who may ponder the same stuff or just find it interesting.

I tend to concentrate on Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, but love to mix genres to keep things fresh and formidable. And, like with all my favorite stories, I find I’ve been fortunate enough to engage nearly everyone and every taste. I may speak of things never seen, but I promise things that are ever-felt.

About S. Norton

Writer, marketer, musician.
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