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No Country for New Writers

I was just reading an article in Creative Screenwriting magazine about the new Coen brother’s offering No Country for Old Men. Again, I apologize for referring to yet another film I’ve not yet seen, but I’ve heard Oscar buzz regarding … Continue reading

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Gone Cockling

Has anyone run across this yet as they explored new frontiers in the internet galaxy? If my sci-fi genre nomenclature is correct, what we’re seeing are the views from four different surveillance cameras that have something to do with The … Continue reading

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Godzirra? Urtra Man?? Johnny Socko’s Frying Robot???

Please pardon my tired tease of Far East consonant pronunciation woes, but I just couldn’t help it. There is a point to it, however – a tease of another sort. We have a mystery to play with prior to the … Continue reading

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Dead Lucky

Last night my band played a gig at a casino in Atlantic City. In fact, thanks to some vicious motherfucking mucous germ raging in my sinus cavity and a few technical difficulties with our sound system and general set-up, I’m … Continue reading

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I Am Robot

Or should that read, I Vampire? Either/or I guess, depending on which substitute title for the latest Will Smith vehicle where he finds his environment besotted with CGI albino clones provides ample warning. Is it possible that I could have … Continue reading

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