Exercise Your Right to Make This Blog More Interesting.

Which is what will happen if I win, or at least get into the top ten. My story fits this contest like The Twist fits a dance contest on Soul Train but dammit, I think it’s good. To be totally honest, it’s a little scary to even imagine that I’ll lose the concept for a producer and “orginal story” credit, but there are worse things than lucking out of utter obscurity to see your story idea made into a film and be allowed to take part in the production. The thing is, I’m shit at digging out votes from others gathered on Massify. They send you an email, ask real nicely if you’ll have a look and throw them a vote, and then you never hear from them again. Thing is, at first I voted for whomever asked. I wasn’t sure I was even all that interested in entering. Then I started playing with that poster and thought “what the hell”. Now, I’ve cast more votes for others than I actually have. Smaaart.

The other sticking point is…I don’t feel comfortable asking people to vote for me unless they truly think it’s something they want to see, and more to their taste than what the others have entered. This “vote for as many as you want” policy makes for a big clusterfuck that I have trouble getting behind. I’ve been up against it with a battle of the bands once and it was disastrously annoying. There were people figuring out how to vote more than once and the count reached a total surpassing the amount of people who actually owned computers in the United States. It was ridiculous. I understand that Massify and After Dark Films have entered into some kind of partnership where they’ll increase user traffic and therefore generate a larger audience for their products, and I think that’s internetastic and whiz-bang clever and all, but it’s not exactly trolling for quality, is it?

I should shut up. This is about the people.

But I’m not done.

Heh, here I am semi-dissing the contest I’ve just entered. I really should be nice because the entering has gotten me to dig into the minutiae of marketing of my screenplay. I’ve got a neat little video and even a poster that might get some attention, and it’s basically put me on a roll and for that I’m grateful. But if you look at my entry and the others, mine is more about finding the madness in the straight lines and hospital bed corners than in the ragged fonts and mental asylum bed springs, if you know what I mean. Eh, we’ll see what happens.

Anyhow, if you’ve arrived here and feel like entering into this experiment with me, click on this link, check out what I’ve got on offer, register (I know it sucks, but the porn will be there I promise) and click the vote box that magically appears. And why not tell a friend? I mean, we could look at this as taking over the mainstream media one contest at a time. And don’t be fooled by entries that play themselves off as edgy and radical. Quiet is the new loud, doncha know? And I swear on the half-life of my plastic credit card that Welcome to Cydonia will literally make you so fretful the next time you go to the beach that you’ll wish Jaws was in the water with you.

And no one has ever died from simply going crazy, I don’t think.

I’ll let you know.

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2 Responses to Exercise Your Right to Make This Blog More Interesting.

  1. Lisa says:

    You voted for them? Pshaw. I dutifully made them my “friends”, but no way was I gonna vote for their movies!

  2. scottyus says:

    I was being a nice new member, I guess. And I like to support people who are trying to do what I’m trying to do. So I guess I’ll sit back and watch them do it. 😦

    Oh well. Maybe my blog and a few friends can at least get me noticed some more.

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