Sumtin Fresh/HorrorCon – Fp2

And so it rolls on. I’ve finished HorrorCon and I hope those of you who have started reading it are enjoying it. I should maybe point out again that there are nine chapters in total, so collect them all! Anyway, I plan on adapting it into a screenplay later after all the posts are out, which will be some time late in the summer, so I need something new to keep me busy until then. That said, I dug into my story reserves and am kicking around a few possibilities. One of them involves a video game tie-in that might be rad.

Check out the pic above of those two guys who look like they’re showing their boring home movies to a parking lot full of no one cause everybody left. You may be asking yourself “What the fuck are they doing, showing boring home movies, etc.?” and if you are, that’s good. You’re inquisitive. That will get you far in life (provided you’re not a cat). And if you’re a writer like me, it will hopefully get you far in that, too. Now, click on the pic and come back. I’ll wait.

They can’t spell for shit, but it’s cool, huh? It’s called “lazer tagging”. These graffiti dudes use these big, fuck-off machines to blast laser light across town and put up a temporary tag on some unsuspecting building. Then they pack it up and move along cause I think it’s illegal. Pfft, like they care. But can you imagine what you could tag if you had a big enough machine? And what if the messages you were sending were exposing some kind of government corruption? I think it might be cool if they also rallied up some oppressed peeps into a big, ol’ army which then organized against their oppressors. And what if said oppressors were in orbiting space stations with crazy-ass, monk-like mercenaries that they would send down to quell the uprising? Well, I’d say you’d have one bad-ass mess on your hands. And lots of lasers. Fighting + lasers + graffiti art = cool. That’s what I’m thinking.

Anyway, I’m playing with that idea and trying to see how it might fit into a game. GTA San Andreas had some tagging in it but it was pretty low-key. Still, I might have to load up CJ again and have a chat. He’ll tell you anything you want for a slice of pizza and the chance to whup some ass, don’t you know. And Getting Up looks pretty killer, but I’m shooting for something more intense and futuristic.

Okay, onward to our next chapter of HorrorCon (and remember, if you miss a week, you can find all previous downloads under “Stories”, or just click here):

When we last saw Eliza, she was “praying to the porcelain god/talking to Ralph on the big white telephone/screaming at the ground”, etc. Being around all those people at the convention was too much for her, even as hopped-up on goofballs as she was. In Part Two we meet Dr. Dmitrije Radan, celebrated horror fiction author and a guy with some weird habits. Also, Eliza will make a new friend who just might be able to get her head out of the toilet. Enjoy!

HorrorCon – Friday (part two) available by request only.

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