Eliza Poe/HorrorCon – Sp4

For today’s entry, we invite the very capable ghost of Eliza Poe – mother of Edgar Allen Poe – to play the part of her namesake and our main character. She was born Eliza Arnold and after the death of her father, sailed from England to Boston, Massachusetts with her actress mother and made her acting debut at age nine. They joined a theater troupe called the Charleston Comedians run by a man named Mr. Edgar, and after her mother died, she married a man by the name of Charles Hopkins who may or may not have been related in some way to the man who portrays our Dr. Radan in the HorrorCon poster.

Sadly, good old Chuck would succumb to yellow fever three years later and poor Eliza would find herself a widow at age 18. She continued to perform, however, and was eventually swept off her feet by lawyer-turned-actor David Poe, Jr. Even more sadly, he sucked as an actor and would eventually leave Eliza after receiving a string of honest reviews, but not until after the couple produced two sons, one of whom we all know quite well. Eliza would also give birth to a daughter some months later, and the family would move to New York where mother would continue to perform until her death from pneumonia, malaria or tuberculosis (feeling lucky to be born in the age of modern medicine yet?) at the tender age of 24. Incidentally, the couple who would look after her children in her last days were named Mr. and Mrs. Luke Usher. If you ask me, little Edgar would have remembered this period in his life quite vividly. To see where Eliza is buried, click her miniature above. Would make a cheery family trip, no?

Speaking of cheery trips, let’s hop on over to Orlando and see how the Doctor and his charge are making out. Which is a casual, short-handed way of saying, “BEHOLD, YE WEARY WANDERERS! ‘TIS TIME TO LAY YE WEARY EYES ON HORRORCON – SP3!”:

As we all know by now, Dmitrije is a good swimmer and even better with the bedside manner. Eliza recounted for us her horrible ordeal and introduced us to a new friend named Boris. Dmitrije, like lots of us from time to time, needed a stiff shot to deal, and now must make a few more important decisions. (Remember, check the HorrorCon page in the “stories” section for previous chapters and to make sure you’re all caught up. Enjoy!)

HorrorCon – Saturday (part four) available by request only.

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