HorrorCon – Sunday

So this is it, the final chapter of HorrorCon. I have to say it’s been really enjoyable doling these out to you, even if I had little idea how many of “you” there actually were. Regardless if there was even one person indulging my little frightfest, I figured I would learn a lot about writing and I certainly did. Among those things that I will take from the experience is a need to dig deeper into character and simplify plot. Not that complex plots aren’t valid in storytelling, because when done well they can be very satisfying for both the writer and the reader and I think I have some samples in my portfolio that represent that. But in doing HorrorCon, I was able to tap into a rich vein in my own writing repertoire that I hadn’t fully explored. I must say it felt easy at first, as I loved my characters and had been really looking forward to relaying in a narrative way my experiences with horror conventions. I do love those odd events, I have to say. And as a setting for a book, film or TV series they seemed ripe for the taking, so I took them. But as I went along and reviewed each chapter for publishing, I realized it wasn’t nearly as easy as I first thought. Every time I went back and read them, I found more mistakes and omissions as well as fat, all of which I tried to add or cut as best as I could. And I know I’ll still be doing that for many months to come.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who did visit and take the ride, and I hope that some of you will also take the time to give me feedback on both the story and the twice weekly chaptering experience. And please be honest. As I said from the start, this was my very first attempt at writing a serious story in prose and I know I’ve still got a ton to learn. What I know for sure is that I will do another at some point, and that I found the entire experience therapeutic, rewarding and fun as all hell.

One last thing before I send you off to my black Sabbath. The actress I’ve chosen to play Eliza today goes by the name of Katherine Pawlak. Unless you’re a big fan of hoaxy internet based soap operas that deal with teens and the occult I doubt you’ve ever heard of her. However, I have a feeling that someday you will. A few months back, if you remember, I entered a film concept contest called Ghost in the Machine that was being sponsored by a relatively new creative networking website called Massify.com. They were looking for a story idea that they could produce for something called Horrorfest. I didn’t win – obviously or I just might have mentioned it 😉 – but the exercise of putting together the pitch video really kick-started my writing in some new and exciting directions. Anyway, after the idea was chosen, they then accepted video auditions from a slew of amateur actors (and some pros, it has to be said) and registered visitors were permitted to vote for the leading guy and girl to be in the film. Katherine got my vote, and went on to win. Did I choose her because her look fit my character Eliza almost perfectly? I might have, but it wasn’t the case. She was head and shoulders above her competition, and if you check out her screen tests, maybe you’ll see what I mean. So congratulations Katherine, and good luck.

Now, let’s do this. Sit tight, dear readers, and feast your eyes on HorrorCon – Sunday:

Saturday night saw quite a bit of action for our heroes. After some tense negotiations, it finished up with a bit of a scuffle. Yes, there was some blood spilled, but at least one heart now pumped with a strange new hope and strength. Still, there are a few details yet to be resolved. And what now for our black butterfly? Click the final chapter and get your answers. To collect all nine, click here!

HorrorCon – Sunday available by request only.

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2 Responses to HorrorCon – Sunday

  1. Jon Gilkison says:

    I’m the CTO for massify.com and it’s awesome to hear that it’s been helpful for someone in some way. Really, your post made my day.

    Completely agree about Katherine. I thought her entry was one of the strongest, if not the strongest, entry we had and am pleased that she made it in. She’s incredibly talented and I’m really looking forward to watching her tear it up on screen.

    If you have any suggestions/ideas for massify, feel free to drop me a line.



  2. scottyus says:

    Cheers, Jon. Looking forward to the next competition. In training as we speak. 🙂

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