Whatcha Watchin’?

Welcome to another “episode entry” that seeks to disturb (and distract) you with various thoughts and images all related to that wonderful box of brain-eating radiation we commonly refer to as the TV. So get up real close, because it’s so funny when mom orders us to sit back or we’ll go blind. That’s not why I’m going blind, mom!

What’s On:

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As most of you in the know already…um…know, Battlestar Galactica has once again docked its gritty form of spacey paranoid theater inside our airlocks. My thing is to let a few episodes pass me by so that I can load up for an evening of one, long uninterrupted chunk of geeky goodness. And people, pay attention: it’s still awesome…mostly. I won’t spoil here, although I’m sure I’m well within my rights to do so, but to summarize quickly: they found earth, it sucked, they had a rebellion, it failed, the Cylons are learning some mind-blowing shit, and I’m like “whuh?”.

Let’s put it this way, the first episode that dealt with the aftermath of the coup was a ten-thousand word sack of expository revelation delivered at 100 miles-per-hour. And even after I went to the official site to catch up, I realized why the show is so good and why it’s also losing me a bit; it’s so fucking deeeeep. There are family trees here that are so thick and complicatedly branched that halfway through climbing around in it you realize you never put this much work into your own freakin’ tree. Not that it’s all that interesting to learn that your great Aunt Edna from Bulgaria lived until she was 98 because she never left the house. Compared to a race of humanoids constructing a race of robots to enslave only to have them construct robots to eventually free them (or something, I’m close), it’s just not all that worth the eye strain.

Anyway, it’s still good, unrelenting and merciless drama in a very cool setting. Yes, it’s a little confusing at times, but so is arithmetic and you still have to balance your checkbook, right? And if anyone out there is watching it, let me know how you’re finding the final season of this groundbreaking show.

American Idol. Oh, shut up. I have something of a vested interest, okay? I was once given the opportunity to try out for Star Search when I was in high school and turned it down to smoke weed and listen to Led Zeppelin (sorry, mom). I actually think the new season is very weak so far, but there’s still an air of authenticity to the proceedings that is rarely matched by other reality shows. “Project Runway” and “America’s Next Top Model” being the other two. I know, I know…I’m a little girl eating frosted flakes with her teddy bear. Whatever.

My horse so far is the 16 year-old chick with the Raggedy Anne hair. The girl can wail. Don’t go getting sloppy, now, Annie!

Survivor: Tocantin. Okay, I’m not the biggest fan of this show and haven’t watched it since the first one. To be honest, I’m not sure why I’m watching it now. It was on when nothing else was, I guess, and it’s kind of fun to watch everyone get skinny and look better half-naked than they ever will again. Oh, and this is official: implants will outlive you. That’s all I’m saying.

Dr. Drew Pinsky: Rich, tired of the lies.

The other distractions that I like––Rock of Love Whore Bus, Celebrity Rehab: Sober, My Ass, and the American incarnation of one I used to love from the U.K. called “Ladette to Lady” which is now known as The Cum Dumpsters of Hedsor Hall or something, are in alternating degrees of hiatus and hilarious. Seriously, what is the logic behind a sober house? You get a bunch of ex-junkies together, put another ex-junkie in charge of them, allow them to come and go as they please, and watch one by one as each completely fucks up whatever ground they gained in rehab. It makes for great TV, but how far are we from “Celebrity Suicide House” or “Baby Daddy Stud Farm School for Wayward Video Ho’s”? The last time they scraped anything off the bottom of barrel and made it into something truly worthwhile it was called Grappa. And to be honest, it sucks, too.

Of course, I also consume it. Pay lots of money for the honor, to boot. But hey, I work hard and do lots of thinking at the same time. Why not come at the world in a completely stupid way every once and awhile to recharge. It’s MSNBC, Sports, and trash TV until my eyes bleed, so suck ’em. At least I’m being honest.

That said, I’d like to leave you with a little video that is both cool, and something of a confession. Even though I liked it overall, I was a little hard on “True Blood” back when it was on, and now I have to admit I’ve started to miss it. Ain’t that always the way? You narrow-ass Gothic cowboys is always so stooopid!

Anyway, attached, please find the very cool opening title sequence accompanied by the even cooler theme song called “Bad Things” sung by up-and-coming patty flipper, Jace Everett. And until sometime next week, probably Friday, have a great weekend. Oh, and if anyone’s watching “Doll House”, let me know how it is, would you? I’m a fan of both Whedon and Dushku, but I’ve not been impressed enough by the commercials to sacrifice my Friday night. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see the entry below this one. Heh.

Congrats, Mickey — R.I.P Loki

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2 Responses to Whatcha Watchin’?

  1. ryan field says:

    I switch back and forth a lot this time of year. But I watch “Big Love” regularly and I’ve really gotten into US of Tara. I love Toni Collette, John Corbett and Bill Paxon. I guess that’s part of the reason…the actors.

    But I also love the way they handle to polygamy thing on Big Love. They remain objective at all times, and that’s rare in this day and age. If CNN and Fox News could only watch and learn, we’d get some objective, informative journalism back in America. (Notice I mentioned both opposing sides, remaining objective without opinion.)

    I watch Idol starting about now. I don’t care for the early part of the season. I don’t want to watch the worst singers; I want to watch the best ones.

    The one thing I don’t watch are those news shows on CNN and FOX. I’ll stick to good old Action News in Philly for my information.

  2. scottyus says:

    I used to watch Big Love, Ryan. I liked it, too. Not sure why I haven’t re-upped. It’s one of those shows that I’m never in the mood for but am always happy I bothered checking out. I’ll have to work on that.

    I do agree that the handling of the polygamy thing is refreshingly objective. It happens to be their way. I felt similarly about subsequent installments of sWitch. They’re Dark Paganists in the middle of a god-fearing development. And they’ve got regular problems, too.

    The Idol wildcard round is kind of interesting, but there are some real lame-o’s in the final 12 or 13 or whatever. I’m getting it confused with BSG, I think. My horse is still the young girl, but she’s likely to flake at some point. That Lil chick is great, but a Mary J. Blige clone. I like the little blonde hippie chick, but she’s pretty one dimensional. I think I might have to get behind that bluesy piano dude. He’s amazingly talented and could probably write his own songs.

    Heh, whaddya know? It’s almost on. I’m off!

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