sWitch is ON!

Well, hello there, literary sport’s fans…(stretches)…been awhile, eh? That’s not to imply that I’ve been idle. Oh no, I’ve been very hard at work and some of it is actually paying off. Let’s do a quick run-down:

1) My novel sWitch is looking tone and fit and you will be able to order it forthwith. I have to say I’m thrilled with end product, thanks to the very accomplished design work of my Yellow Horse Publishing partner Lisa de Araujo, our super-talented staff editor Louise Woods, and trees. Why trees? Because without them, there’d be no paper and we’d be too busy wheezing to read. But since there are trees, lots of them, there’s a ton of fun info at the official website, and you may want to subscribe to our blog for even more frivolity–the dark kind, natch.

2) I’ve also posted a casting notice at Backstage NY for the Hi-def web series adaptation of my novella HorrorCon. For a project that only promises deferred pay, the response has been a little overwhelming. Sure, most actors are just trying to read for as many projects as they can, but I got some personal notes, too, and they were encouraging to say the least. The script is coming along swimmingly, too. I’m having a blast keeping in mind my limitations with location and such, which I always believed made for better writing. I hope to have a solid first draft ready to distribute in the next two weeks.

3) Let me say that, while this is the third project report, it’s by no means an indication of importance. Teapott Fables had a restful summer, but it’s back in full swing with my partner Teddy working up some gorgeous frames for an iPad book that will serve as the companion piece to the animation (which won’t be ready by Halloween, sadly). But the book technology allows for some magical enhancements, and it’s another Yellow Horse project that will help lift the imprint into the rarefied air of major publishing and production player.

4) My next novel is in the process of being outlined, and it’s another dark story with a colorful personality called The Fold. Not to give too much away, but it involves a Yellow Horse writer under contract and his experiences with dermisted beetles, a colonial journal, Indian spirits, and the writer’s very unlucky, lifetime crush. As a “non-fiction” horror story, it will deliver the scares that will make you question every little noise in your house. As a metaphor for dependent, yet loving relationships, it’ll take you on an exploration into the concepts of obsession, addiction, and the possibilities and limitations of selfless love. I’m such a romantic.

That’s all for now. I’ll be updating more regularly about the above and sundry now that our little sWitcheroo is able to fly on its own. There are many promotional activities ahead, however. Ain’t nobody knocking down our doors to get at our goods just yet. But as Barbara learned at that dark and hungry lake, the power of belief knows no bounds. Now, let’s dig The Black Angels.

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Writer, marketer, musician.
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5 Responses to sWitch is ON!

  1. Ryan Chin says:

    “….the power of belief knows no bounds.”

    Nice Scott. Good to see progress on all your projects. Looking to release my print book and multimedia e-book next summer. Things have been on a different time line with a baby in the house.

    What’s up with Table 42?



  2. Lisa says:

    So glad you managed to squeeze Black Angels in there. I know it’s been your working music recently. They’ve been my constant traveling companions on the train and Underground as well. The only drawback is I get so absorbed in the music, I keep getting lost in London’s bowels. D’oh!

  3. scottyus says:


    You’ve got a multimedia e-book coming out? Dude, that’s awesome. Will we be able to sample some of it soon? And a baby, too? That’s a lot to take on, but I bet you’re happy.

    Table 42…well, sometimes people involve themselves in projects that they’re not really ready to do. That’s to say, I haven’t heard from the Water Works folks in months. We had a shoot skedded, it poured a flood like you read about, and the re-shoot was canceled at the last minute. Not the first time that happened, actually. Then there was some odd communiques that made me think…hmm, maybe we put this on ice for a bit. It’s a great idea, and we were ready to roll it out, but there was just too much mystery on their end not to get other things happening.

    That’s the short of it, despite my explanation being rather long. 🙂


    I loved the visual production of that performance, so it made the cut. We both know so many could have taken its place. Great, Doorsy/BJM party happening in their heads, that’s for sure. I might suggest to anyone who is just getting familiar to try Roky Erickson on for size. They were his backup band, and he’s clearly a major influence on their original stuff. Great dark and catchy tunes, all the way from the 13th Floor Elevators years, through the mental asylum years, and all the way to present day. May I suggest the brilliant Night of the Vampire?

  4. Annie says:

    Congrats on your book! You did it!

    Love the cover art. Very happy for you.

  5. scottyus says:

    Thanks, Annie! Now it’s about getting it out there. Not sure which task is harder. 🙂

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