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killer serial picThe evolution of the once titled HorrorCon continues to hold steadfastly to the creative tradition of sudden change. When it’s not lingering in tortuous limbo, it’s making my head spin. I’m one who believes that anything worthwhile happens in a “red-hot minute”, before you’ve had a chance to knead it into a shapeless mess; when lightning has at last touched down, flashing a brilliant and undeniable truth.

That said, lightning rarely comes from nothing. It’s the electrifying result of much stewing and brewing that often takes the form of an ominous dark cloud slowly coming this way. Conditions for the production of a fiery spear have to be ideal, but when they are, a force erupts with certain speed that leaves an indelible mark.

What the hell am I talking about? Patience, sparky, I’m getting there.

In a previous post I described how the film was going to be cut into three episodes – an unholy trifecta, if you will – and released over the course of a weekend as a big-budget indie web series pilot that, depending on viewer reaction, would see shorter, future episodes produced in an effort to continue the story. I believe I also mentioned that the novella upon which the film was based came about during a time when I was watching a lot of HBO series like The Sopranos, Deadwood and Six Feet Under. Of course, series have always been popular, but never more than in recent times. We now thank streaming services like Netflix for new families to join, fall in love with, and watch hopelessly fall apart. A series strings you along, fully aware of its intentions but never sharing them. Still, we know what we’re in for, and we can’t seem to get enough. And since they’re piped into our living rooms and laptops, we don’t really think they’re meant for anyone else. They become a coveted second life. It’s kind of fucked up when you think about it.

And I have. A lot. In fact, most recently, I began toying with the idea of breaking the film into a full season, or exactly thirteen episodes. So my editor and I started doing just that, and come to find, it divvies up perfectly. Not just “serviceably”, not simply “well”, but ideally. Go figure, eh? I wasn’t even watching films when I wrote the damn thing, yet I set out to make one. In my defense, at the time Netflix didn’t really exist, nor did the very concept of a web series, so I may have felt I had no choice. I do now, and I’m very glad I waited.

Back to things moving at lightning speed. This coming Tuesday, August 5th, will be our first “Teaser Tuesday”. On that day, we will be releasing a link to a production stills preview via Facebook and Twitter that will provide interesting anecdotes and trivia regarding the many challenges faced behind the scenes and on our public sets. This will precede the premiere episode airing the following Friday, August 8th, and both will be broadcast on our Yellow Horse Productions Vimeo page. From then on, each subsequent Tuesday and Friday will follow suit until the final episode on Halloween. That’s going to be a special presentation, as it will also include a teaser scene for episodes to come.

Also, after the finale, we’ll be running deleted scenes and clips and perhaps some interviews with our cast and crew. Most importantly, we’ll be weighing interest against producing new episodes going forward. We’ll also be developing a DVD package for purchase that will piece the film back together in its original format and include some seriously cool swag. Hopefully, all will mark a great start to new adventures for Eliza and Co.

So, see you Tuesday. And remember…


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4 Responses to killer serial

  1. ROK says:

    Hey Scotty,
    I’ve been a fan of your films for a quite a while now, and this new project looks to be pretty interesting. I just don’t hope at the end of the series you leave the viewers hanging and wondering what happened or happens next. If there’s no plans to make another one after it’s over, we the fans, need/want closure. Unlike the way the “Sopranos” ended, and from what I’ve heard, the new series on HBO, “The Leftovers” will leave it’s viewers clueless. They don’t even know if they will have another season. I absolutely love suspense, horror, supernatural and psychological thrillers, even Scott Stewart’s “Dark Skies”, which the critics didn’t quite like, was to me, a good movie. I guess it’s up to everyone’s taste. I’ll be watching every Tuesday for your series, and look forward to what you’ve come up with.

    Good Luck,

  2. scottyus says:

    First, let me just take a moment and thank you for following along with me, here. It’s never easy to tell if anyone is paying attention. It’s great to get feedback, and I truly appreciate yours.

    I also completely understand your reservations. I run hot and cold with “ambiguous” endings, and am sometimes tempted to tack on a little “take that” after something I’ve written partially resolves. I’m not always sure why. Maybe it’s to do with our mutual love of suspense and horror and the like. Sometimes a bleak or open ending reaffirms some of our darker assertions about the world. Sometimes, as in the case with The Mist, I can only imagine that someone wanted us to experience incredible pain and sorrow. Not sure if you’ve seen it, but that one really hurt.

    Every Drop Counts has an ending that can best be described as tying up the major loose ends of the story while making some strong suggestions about what is to come, like most films do today in hopes of generating interest for a sequel. So yes, you’ll get the pressing answers you’re looking for, but if we’ve done our jobs, you’ll also be needing to know what comes next. Hopefully, in a fun and interesting way. Not so much a “rush to the blog and call me horrible names” way. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! Good luck!

  4. scottyus says:

    Thanks muchly!

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