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Scott Leaves Winter Behind with New EP

Yet naturally, winter, determined to have the last word, sends me off with a painful pinched nerve at the base of my neck. But while my fingers tingle as they type I have to say I’m pretty pleased overall with … Continue reading

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Making the EP 2: Clicking

Pictured above is a performer’s view from inside the sound room at C.A.S. Music Productions. Seen on the other side of the glass is a young man by the name of Josh Bonanno. He is smiling. This is a rare … Continue reading

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Making the EP 1: “Gods Came Down”

I thought I would start blogging about the recording of my first EP as Norton Scott Star Vehicle. So far I’ve decided on a working title, Once Human, and a length of approximately 20 minutes, or 5 songs, which have … Continue reading

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Norton Scott Star Vehicle

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog with information about a new or previous project. I never know who is reading although my stats show periods of explosive activity, usually around an ancient Imagecave post from April of 2009 … Continue reading

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DC Make it a Double with Two New Singles

Yes, yes…the beret-wearing one stares yet into the distance, this time from the end of what could be a lonely, purple alleyway, stoically seeking any possible way back for mankind’s devolving future. Or perhaps he’s eyeing a too-long occupied toilet … Continue reading

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The image at the head of this post is a slightly altered version of one that has existed in the deeper Internet for some time. If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, it’s a royalty free graphic showing a … Continue reading

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the mystery of episode nine

Let’s quickly review the particulars regarding the Every. Drop Counts. web series inaugural screening, and then we’ll get to some hard numbers regarding our viewers. This, my friends, is going to get interesting – especially after a certain shocking episode. … Continue reading

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the internally displaced

It starts innocently enough; we are not all born the same. The world that greets us, however, is. It is one that has always fought to retain its shape. If you fail to fight your way into its established borders, … Continue reading

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killer serial

The evolution of the once titled HorrorCon continues to hold steadfastly to the creative tradition of sudden change. When it’s not lingering in tortuous limbo, it’s making my head spin. I’m one who believes that anything worthwhile happens in a … Continue reading

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in reply to elektra luxx re: jack white

I guess my love for Jack White started when I saw The White Stripes live. At the height of their uber-hipness, pushed past the point of over-exposure, I attended a concert at the Greek theater in Los Angeles. And I … Continue reading

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