You can find some info about my work below. All titles are registered and copyrighted.

Outside Men (screenplay)
A three-part horror story about the survival and redemption of one of Hitler’s treasured youth, set after the fall of the Third Reich. (more)

B.L.O.O.M. (teleplay)
A sci-fi miniseries about humans becoming androids told with a Shakespearean flair. And Tiki. (more…)

The Collection: Legend of Fortunate Son (screenplay/graphic novel script)
When art attacks! Well, sort of. A teenage painter’s scary portraits come to life and he uses them to address his miserable existence. (more)

Welcome to Cydonia. (screenplay)
A man who murders his family before killing himself ends up reunited with them in a picturesque, seaside afterlife. (more)

HorrorCon (novella)
A young woman shattered from personal tragedy works a horror convention where she sells “authentic monster artifacts” and meets a mysterious author who becomes eerily obsessed with her. (more)

sWitch (novel)
A buttoned-down family on the brink inherit an old house and discover some bizarre secrets about the grandmother that left it to them. After getting in touch with their dark ancestry, they’re invaded by masked lunatics who may have picked the wrong family to torment. (more)

Shelf Life (screenplay)
An aging rocker wannabe loses his last chance to make it when his young and talented lead singer is killed in a tragic accident. Will the dead singer’s obnoxious ex finish his floundering life off for good, or could she prove to be his rocking salvation? (more?)

Coming up:

Square One (novel – one of three)
Cybernetic beings living in the extreme future resurrect the human race through discovered DNA, kicking off a spectacular love affair against a creationist war that breeds a human rebellion.