A buttoned-down family on the brink inherit an old house and discover some bizarre secrets about the grandmother that left it to them. After getting in touch with their dark ancestry, they’re invaded by masked lunatics who may have picked the wrong family to torment.

This is a transgressive horror thriller that’s begging to be adapted for the screen. Wanna know more? Check it out on Amazon!

2 Responses to sWitch

  1. Jo Pedersen says:

    Hello cuz, I am intrigued about everything I have been reading. Just wanted to say Hi. And the picture “Switch” with the house, the wallpaper in the backround looks like the same at your parents when I was young. Ha Ha! looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Scott says:

    Hey, Jo…almost afraid of you reading the book and seeing how all the characters are like my family. Even the maniacs on the loose. What am I saying, especially the maniacs on the loose. 😉

    Been down to Avalon recently? If you’re ever in town, or near town, you should let me know.

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