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Looking Back, Ahead, Around…

Yes, yes…it’s one of those entries. A typical, end of the year, nostalgically self-absorbed menu of rehash and hodgepodge that seeks to define one’s future by exploring one’s immediate past under the pretense that we have any control over either. … Continue reading

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The Things I’ve Seen

Consider this another one of those “brain dump” entries that throws out a few tidbits in the hopes of getting a few in return. I like to share my viewing and reading experiences with y’all, and would love to hear … Continue reading

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A Sucker for Sookie? Nearly.

Having sat through six back-to-back episodes of HBO’s new Southern Vamp-Gothic series “True Blood”, I am reasonably pleased to report that there’s more to this Alan Ball infection confection (based on the Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlaine Harris ) … Continue reading

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HorrorCon Gets Reviewed

Just wanted to point you all to a review for my novella HorrorCon on Bittenbybooks.com. They’re nice folks who do a tremendous volume of reviews for “all types of paranormal fiction, urban fantasy and horror”. So if you’re interested in … Continue reading

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