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DC Make it a Double with Two New Singles

Yes, yes…the beret-wearing one stares yet into the distance, this time from the end of what could be a lonely, purple alleyway, stoically seeking any possible way back for mankind’s devolving future. Or perhaps he’s eyeing a too-long occupied toilet … Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been

Well, I’d like to say I was on safari or in some exotic locale like one of Jupiter’s moons, but in truth I’ve been working. Very hard. In a way you can say I’ve been many places in my head, … Continue reading

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Rock and Roll Literature

Fuck it. If Scare Appallin’ can burn books and get away with it, I sure as hell can. But my burning book leaves no smoke. It just smokes the dinosaur brains of those who would try and silence anyone’s power … Continue reading

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