At the left is me, in the office where I’ve been writing for quite a few years. A drawer full of screenplays, one teleplay mini-series, several published short-stories and two books later, I’m still there. I even wrote, directed and produced a film and I continue to write and tell stories in as many ways as I can. I’d like to support myself in one, some or all of these ways someday so I continue to work hard. You see, I’ve come very close; I’m a “Jack of all Trades” turned “King of Almosts”. Hopefully, someday that will change. Hopefully soon.

I got that big scar over my right eye in a car accident – one of many – and it joins a number of others that show up on my body in various states of undress. Many others cannot be seen without help. Some are written into my works. Others, I share privately. We are our scars, I believe, and I’m proud of most of mine.

The rest of my biography goes something like this: after graduating from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications with a BA in writing and a minor in English Literature, I entered the family business where I wrote a ton of industrial scripts and ad copy and accumulated a great deal of experience in video, film and multimedia production. I also learned a fair bit about the importance of having an office that overlooks a roof. Happiness is often a handy escape route.

Having done a fair bit of traveling over the years, including living in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and the New Jersey shore, I’ve expanded the palette of my imagination, incorporating a larger resource of culture, rhythm and language, and added depth to my understanding of the human condition. And I’ve learned for myself what I’ve always been told: we’re all essentially the same, yet different in some of the most interesting ways.

I’ve also spent a lot of time in various music projects, including such local legendary acts as Bumpin’ Uglies, Surrounded By Idiots, and now, Darwin Candidate. After a brief flirtation with a professional solo career, I decided to concentrate on my production and writing disciplines. Those disciplines have led to the formation of my own transmedia storytelling company called Yellow Horse Productions & Publishing. I hope to one day amass a large collection of works under the YHP&P banner, each helping the other to become known.

ScottStories is a running diary of my observations, writing experiences, and subsequent efforts to advance my professional career. Perhaps it will be a vehicle with which I’m able to navigate that journey, or just something to keep me from going mad. If I’m able to connect with a few souls out there, or just lovers of stories, it will have been a valuable tool for internal and external discovery.

Above all, writers write. So perhaps it had to be.